1up migration post IX:"Final judgement"

Mar 22nd, 2008 10:56AM

I’m sad to say I completed the last addition to the Ace Attorney series “Apollo Justice”. Things took a turn that was rather surprising towards the end. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but seriously I now realize that from the beginning there were serious hints at what was going on. And a most important thing: the cases in this are really more related to each other than ever before in this series. You really feel mid game that it’s all part of the same journey and it all has to add so u can figure it all out in the end. The one little problem I had which was not a problem really, but a habit, I was used to how sometimes difficult the other games could be, so I kinda felt that this one time it was rather easy. Or maybe after playing the 3 Phoenix Wright game I just got used to the system, who knows? Well, I was tremendously satisfied with it all. I hope this “jurist system” won’t just die, the developers might be on to something and I hope in the future they can whip us up some more of that excellence or even wow us with the next ace attorney.”

As I’ve said previously, I haven’t played the latest 3DS installment so I don’t know if, in the end, they did stick to the jury system or just to the old one. I’ll find out soon enough (unless someone tells me first).


1up migration post VIII: "Ace attorney DS port"

Mar 11th, 2008, 11:31 AM

I’m finally done with all three of the Phoenix Wright games on the DS and have just started with Apollo Justice. A lot of good ideas from the first game seem to have made their way to the new opus in the series like the evidence-examining sequences that so remind me of CSI. The first game was, of course, my favorite, simply ’cause of the first impression it made on me. But in terms of story-telling, I liked the third one best. The episodes feel much more connected and it all felt more like a game where all the loose ends are more or less tied. And the way it all ends is pretty nice. Of course, it’s no epic but I personally liked the series very much. And I’m liking what I’m seeing of the new turn it’s taking with its new character and perception system. My favorite guy, in the end, was Godot. He had those very poetic replies for both the judge and Wright, it was fun to watch. All in all, I just like games that can get me thinking a lot, especially since in the end all u really need to solve a case u have but the question is how much attention one can give to the details both in testimony and evidence. For example, I don’t know how many people have played and liked Professor Layton. I’m just crazy about it. Anyway, I’m now playing Apollo justice and am loving it, so anyone wanna try it out, be my guess.”

With a new Phoenix Wright game out on 3DS, I’m eager to see how things have evolved for this new handheld generation. Can’t wait to look silly again in public, yelling “OBJECTION!!!”

1up migration post VI: "Holding it tight"

October 21st, 2006 8:20 AM

This is just to say that I’ve finally decided to invest in a recent handheld and that is the DS. Why? Because a lot of friends have a PSP so I can easily borrow one to play my games on, all I need is a mem stick. But I only know 2 other guys in my area with a DS and only one is really a friend of mine. Do the math. The other reason is ’cause I like the innovations in most DS games, and having a PS2 a lot of PSP games just remind me of their console counterparts. There is some nice stuff like LocoRoco and Daxter, but in my eyes, they are not legion. Well, it’s just a personal opinion and I’m sure not many will share it. I wanted to buy the coral pink DS Lite just to be sure that none else around here has the same color as mine, but I figured “Too gay, if I were that’d be fine but since I’m not, let’s not give out the wrong signals.” I bought it with Contact, I’m won over by the idea of playing myself, the gamer holding the DS, I’m sure a lot of you brainiacs thought about the idea too, but thank God someone at least had the courage to put it to the test. That being said… 
Au revoir les amis.”

To this day, I still think Nintendo has the best to offer in handhelds. the PSVita is nice and has some very good offerings, but it has yet to beat the DS and 3DS in terms of innovation and the great memories they created…TWEWY anyone? I’m looking forward to how Sony intends on turning things around (for me), but honestly, in that theater of the console war, they are and should just stick to the fans they have.

1up migration post V : "Connecting people"

Aug 1st, 2006

I haven’t really been one to play online games, especially since I had a really slow connection where I live. So except for Dofus and some Cribbage, nothing else. But then I met Guild wars. I tried it and loved it, but I could not decide to get a steady game or keep hopping tryouts on friends’ accounts. Now with Factions out, this might be my chance to give it a long-term go. So if any of y’all pass by and see me in-game, holla’!”

I never got to purchasing this game. I was distracted at the time by my obsession with the Wii. So I kept holding a lot of things off for it…

1up migration post IV: "Endings: new beginnings"

July 27th, 2006 3:26PM

I’ve actually completed the main storyline! It was a bit easier than I thought a little near the end. But then again, I got quite paranoid about how I played, it’s all in the details as they say. There is so much I still have to do. Instead of continuing I think I’ll start over and try to go over as much of the other content as I can, for starters, being a vampire…
I’ll keep y’all posted!”

Which I don’t think I ever did. I wrote about other stuff after that but I doubt  I ever went back to discussing “Oblivion”. Mostly because despite the fact that it was a great improvement, the feel I got discovering Morrowind was so much more magical. The way Final Fantasy 6 was the best in the series for me, although I know very well how good “7” was.

1up migration post III: " Elder Scrolls"

June 27th, 2006 8:46AM

I finally got my copy of Oblivion about two weeks ago, but I had to wait ’till last week to get me an extra 512mb of RAM to play it with a bit more comfort. I thought Morrowind was great. But this is even better! Although I must admit that for me the feel is different. Because I knew Morrowind, I don’t think this game has on me the effect it should have. Morrowind was hard but I played it like 8hrs per day and finished it fast while still getting through a lot of side quests. But this feels harder. But it’s fine by me. I really love the Arena, it makes good practice and can be a breeze at the right level with the right skills. One prob in all this: the Minotaur!!! Maybe it’s me but, could they not have been made so fracking hard to deal with?!!! Well, I’m gonna keep at it as much as I can, I got exams and can’t get too deep in it. It’s not a bad reason to fail, is it? But it is my last year. I feel that given the time, I will feel as great as I did playing Morrowind, ’cause objectively Oblivion is a much better game than it was.”

Oblivion really was a great game, lots of fun….until it took an arrow to the knee!

1up migration post II: "Wii"

May 21st, 2006 12:04 PM

You won’t believe the how much I can’t wait for it. I’ve always considered the people at Nintendo as the most innovative of the gaming market and they are still proving me right. Their Wii is a must-have for me especially since it’ll probably be cheaper than a PS3. The upcoming games look good on all consoles but there are exclusives like Zelda and Smash Bros that I always enjoy. I might get a PS3 or a 360 but the Wii is the very first thing on my shopping list for the end of the year, even if I have to import it.”

For the record, I never got a PS3 or 360. Although I did buy a few favorite PS3 exclusives that I played on a friend’s console. I was considering getting a PS4, even pre-ordered one, but then I decided it was time to get a new gaming laptop because my current one was REALLY signs of age and I had a rather serious backlog on Steam. I loved my Wii, I don’t know so much about the WiiU because something feels missing. One interesting thing that a friend of mine pointed out during a discussion though is that of all consoles, Nintendo’s never let you down, no YLOD no RROD, you just plug and you play. Their hardware is the most stable out there, always…

1up migration post I : "Xmen"

Feb 11 2006, 4:44 PM

I’ve played Xmen legends during the past two months. Eventually, I finished it. Last week I started on Xmen legends II. Today I’ve already gotten to the final act, did the game get easier from the first to the second opus? Or am I just playing far too much? Or both?
And here is a subject all on its own: med student, last year, how will I play once I start internship? Who will be crazy enough to take the chance and start a family with a madman of gaming such as I? And the questions could go on and on. Oh well, I’ll never change and mostly because I don’t want to. End of discussion. I do hope to have heirs to carry my love of games. Maktoub”

15 Posts left after this one, spread across many years since I was never too avid a “typer” (as opposed to writer [uses a pen or pencil]). I will see if I can post one each day if possible.

Loyalty programs (in console gaming)

Today I’d like to briefly talk about my limited experiences with loyalty programs in gaming, console gaming. The whole situation with Steam, Origin, GreenManGaming etc.  where it kind of pays NOT to be loyal to just one or two will not be talked about here at the moment.

First and foremost: in my experience, Sony’s PS+ program is the very best one right now.

Reason’s are simple: I have gotten more out of my first 10 months than is worth the price tag for the subscription. I’ve played more games than I would have if it had not existed, and all of them combined would have cost me so much more. Please note that I only have a PS Vita which means I’m basically missing out on a lot of value without a PS3 to enjoy the free PS3 games from PS+. I know some would argue that it isn’t truly free, and that is true. But I calculate that once I get past the 50$ that I could have dished out for a certain number of games…..the rest is free by default. I was never a console person because work has me in weird locations at times, but a handheld is perfect for someone like me. I do have a 3DS, but so far I’ve paid for almost every single game on it, except for that special 30$ promotion when you buy Fire Emblem AND SMT IV, which is enough to get a third game worth 30$ or less. One big fact that I am excited about: PS+editions of PS4 games. This is one console that I may just get on day one if possible. They are truncated free versions of some PS4 games available for PS+ers (weird word huh?). It’s almost like a F2P version of those games, all you need to do to access certain content is pay for it, or pay an amount to access the whole game like everyone else who bought it does (at a discount for you of course). How AWESOME is that as a big fan service to loyal customers. So, yes, for me PS+ is the best loyalty program there is.

In second place comes of course Club Nintendo. Why? Because I’m not much an Xbox fan so I can’t give my opinion on that frankly (although, the new Live Gold rewards look like they will give PS+ a run for their money given time and momentum). CN is not as rewarding in terms of games as PS+, but it’s great for people like the Japanese market because they base their rewards more in swag than in digital games. You can redeem your coins for some old-ass digital versions of past console games or for swag (shirts, plushies, calendars, posters). I have a Teddy (from Persona 4) plushie, I am man enough to say it, and it feels good. Sure, it remains hidden from the potential ladies, but having a physical reminder of a character I like is cool, having posters of my favorite games up in the game room is also cool. When the console is off and you are sick of showing high scores to friends, what better to entice their jealousy??

I’d love to join Microsoft in their new journey with the X1, but unless I win the lottery I can only choose one. I recently sold my Wii, hoping to get a Wii U, but I’m not so sure anymore…

Loyalty programs are important for a business IMO, it’s what influences my choices of airlines. It even most of the time takes me towards Best Buy rather than Amazon, despite better prices and free 2-day Shipping. Because I know that in the long run, I will somehow get more back from one company for all my dollars spent than from the other. I hope they all realize that and get to work on it. At the end when the competition gets fierce, who’s the winner really? The companies of course!
But we consumers can also get something out of it eh?

Pains of technology

So my keyboard is almost totally messed up! Thank God for Microsoft and their accessibility features on Windows. Between dictating on my shiny new Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset with Surround Sound – USB Compatible with PC and the onscreen keyboard, I am still more or less functional!!! Now…the wait is on for the replacement parts to get here…. Jezi banm fòs!!!