End of migration

And so ends my migration of the posts previously on 1up. Like I said in the final post, I installed Kingdoms of Amalur after Skyrim. I had high hopes for it.

It turned out to be a good game. It was flashy, third-person, had a lot of cool moves with different weapons. The only sin it made for me was that it came after Skyrim. If I had played it first, I would have had a blast. The lore is deep, and the world big, although not feeling as free roaming as Skryim. All in all, I did not feel the magic that Bethesda put in their Elder Scrolls games. Nevertheless, maybe now that quite a while has passed since last I’ve launched the game if I go back to Amalur maybe I’ll have forgotten enough of Tamriel to really enjoy it this time around.


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