Colossal the pain
Mightier than death, to live,
Fight on… without you


In response to daily prompt Notable


Vaguely she passes by,

As the shadow of my love sinks beneath

The weight of the contempt she bequeaths

This mournful heart, no less ignored than the merest fly


Vaguely she looks at me,

Wondering why I shrink beneath

Her puzzled eyes which in fire wreath

This dying soul, free never to be


Cards to my chest,

Vaguely I come closer

Laying my moves as I know best.

Nervous, near the brink…..No! Do not falter!


Steeling my heart, I play it cool


Vaguely I ensnare her

Reeling her in, I play the fool

Praying it’s enough to win her


…To Vaguely hold her hand…


To you that this concerns (yes, you….)

This here is slightly adapted (by me) from a fictional book by a fictional character (author) in a real book written by a real author:
“The Road goes ever on and on,
Down from the door where it began;
Now far ahead the Road has gone
And you must follow if you can,
Pursuing it with eager feet
Until it meets some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet,
And whither then? I cannot say. “
Our paths have met and are now drifting a bit away. But the Road remains and as long as we follow it our paths will intertwine again maybe tighter than before. I just hope I see you often enough before you have to go really far away. I am very fond of you and remain forever your friend.