A Poetic Ode to the Bold and Cheesy Cheese Curls

I love me some cheese curls. I haven’t had any in quite a while and this morning my wife brought some home! While munching I thought “these deserve recognition!”. And silly as it may sound, here is my poem celebrating this delightful junk food!!

Cheese curls, oh so bright and bold,

Crunchy, cheesy, a joy to behold.

With their neon hue and twisted shape,

They make my taste buds come awake.

A salty tang that hits the tongue,

A crunch that echoes, a chorus sung.

A snack that’s perfect for any time,

From lunchtime break to midnight rhyme.

They’re the perfect partner for movie night,

Or for a snack on a lazy afternoon delight.

And when the craving hits me hard,

I’ll reach for the bag, oh so unmarred.

So here’s to cheese curls, oh so fine,

A snack that’s truly divine.

They may not be the healthiest treat,

But their taste can’t be beat.


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