Raised with Love: To My Parents and Grandmother

What were your parents doing at your age?

At my age, my mother held the reins,

With my sister and me, she felt the pains.

My father lived apart, but still he cared,

Visiting us often, love he shared.

Both worked hard, to give us all they could,

Their love for us, pure, strong, and good.

My grandmother was a blessing, that’s for sure,

Supporting my mother, her love did endure.

Together they raised us, with grace and might,

Preparing us for the future, guiding us with sight.

Their lives they lived, with love and care,

Making sure we’d be ready, when they’re not there.

So here’s to my parents, and my grandmother too,

Their love and guidance, always shines through.

Forever grateful, for all they’ve done,

Their love and support, second to none.


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