Art fusion at its current best

Child of Light is a work of arts. Yes, plural. An interesting mixture of many forms: poetry, music, photography, image art, all wrapped up in a wonderful bundle of simple yet compelling gameplay mechanics that “speak” to all the rest.

Most of the dialog is in rhyme and as far as I could discern, having just started playing, it is mostly an even number rhyme. An even number line in a paragraph rhymes with the even number line above and/or below it.
The art engine Ubisoft uses is amazing! The backgrounds are lush and lose none of the finesse and color quality of a hand-drawn painting. The characters and moving elements present a wonderful cell-shady particularity. Movement is smooth, the lighting effects are adequate. In short, for I could write a book about how incredible an effect this games visuals has on me, the UbiArt framework is fucking A. It looked good in Rayman, here…. it SHINES!

What more can I say? GO EXPERIENCE IT!
Child of Light is an instant classic that you have to be completely bonkers not to love. April 30th, 2014 will remain a highlight of my gaming life.


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