1up migration post III: " Elder Scrolls"

June 27th, 2006 8:46AM

I finally got my copy of Oblivion about two weeks ago, but I had to wait ’till last week to get me an extra 512mb of RAM to play it with a bit more comfort. I thought Morrowind was great. But this is even better! Although I must admit that for me the feel is different. Because I knew Morrowind, I don’t think this game has on me the effect it should have. Morrowind was hard but I played it like 8hrs per day and finished it fast while still getting through a lot of side quests. But this feels harder. But it’s fine by me. I really love the Arena, it makes good practice and can be a breeze at the right level with the right skills. One prob in all this: the Minotaur!!! Maybe it’s me but, could they not have been made so fracking hard to deal with?!!! Well, I’m gonna keep at it as much as I can, I got exams and can’t get too deep in it. It’s not a bad reason to fail, is it? But it is my last year. I feel that given the time, I will feel as great as I did playing Morrowind, ’cause objectively Oblivion is a much better game than it was.”

Oblivion really was a great game, lots of fun….until it took an arrow to the knee!


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