1up migration post II: "Wii"

May 21st, 2006 12:04 PM

You won’t believe the how much I can’t wait for it. I’ve always considered the people at Nintendo as the most innovative of the gaming market and they are still proving me right. Their Wii is a must-have for me especially since it’ll probably be cheaper than a PS3. The upcoming games look good on all consoles but there are exclusives like Zelda and Smash Bros that I always enjoy. I might get a PS3 or a 360 but the Wii is the very first thing on my shopping list for the end of the year, even if I have to import it.”

For the record, I never got a PS3 or 360. Although I did buy a few favorite PS3 exclusives that I played on a friend’s console. I was considering getting a PS4, even pre-ordered one, but then I decided it was time to get a new gaming laptop because my current one was REALLY signs of age and I had a rather serious backlog on Steam. I loved my Wii, I don’t know so much about the WiiU because something feels missing. One interesting thing that a friend of mine pointed out during a discussion though is that of all consoles, Nintendo’s never let you down, no YLOD no RROD, you just plug and you play. Their hardware is the most stable out there, always…


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