1up migration post IV: "Endings: new beginnings"

July 27th, 2006 3:26PM

I’ve actually completed the main storyline! It was a bit easier than I thought a little near the end. But then again, I got quite paranoid about how I played, it’s all in the details as they say. There is so much I still have to do. Instead of continuing I think I’ll start over and try to go over as much of the other content as I can, for starters, being a vampire…
I’ll keep y’all posted!”

Which I don’t think I ever did. I wrote about other stuff after that but I doubt  I ever went back to discussing “Oblivion”. Mostly because despite the fact that it was a great improvement, the feel I got discovering Morrowind was so much more magical. The way Final Fantasy 6 was the best in the series for me, although I know very well how good “7” was.

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