New experiences


OK, so I took a 3DS. Some of my friends would say: “But you still have a DS lite from 5 years ago!!!” Examine the words people…..FIVE years ago. Now it’s a complete mess, with a desensitized touch screen and an upper screen just dangling but still lights up, and completely unresponsive shoulder buttons.
My first experience with 3D in gaming was with the ever-excellent Batman: Arkham Asylum. Using my brand new fresh out of the box laptop (old one barely held an hour of charge anymore), and “NVidia 3D vision discover” with simple Anaglyph glasses. It was fun, very. Mostly because Rocksteady did such a great job with the atmosphere and gameplay; seeing the cape flow behind you with such depth was exhilarating for a big fan of this character. I mention this because I need you to understand that for me making the switch was never quite about the 3D, but about the backlog of DS software that I just could not let go (Layton, I’m looking at you, sir) and about how much I appreciated what I consider as the most ass-kicking price cut ever in a hardware’s first year!!
Still, I had my doubts about what the glassless 3D tech would be like to me. I was wrong. It is rather nice, but not indispensable. One would wish that the angles at which the 3D can be viewed were wider, but beggars can’t be choosers. It’s a start, and the future can only be brighter no? So far I haven’t played any software where the 3D really makes a difference, I have a lot of reviews on Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 so I WILL definitely try them out to see if the hype is, in my eyes, justified. But I need to finish what I already have first! Cave Story 3D, that I’m currently playing along with the 2 latest Laytons πŸ˜‰ , is a great one as you all may know, but the 3D is not indispensable. The extra dimension adds to the atmosphere for me, but most of the time good old 2D is all I need to progress.
What I DO like are the 3D videos. I can already dream about what this will mean concerning all those 3D movies out in Blu-Ray….maybe soon it will be possible to download 3D versions of these movies for the smaller screen???? No, I don’t have a Blu-ray. Yes, I know what sacrilege!! What I do have sitting in front of the TV is a broken down PS3 giving me that $^@#^ YLOD way too often!!!! I could’ve just got myself a new one right? Too discouraged man. The 360 had its RROD, but what did the Wii have? Verily, no Nintendo hardware has EVER given me such problems and if it weren’t for exclusives on other consoles, I would’ve stuck to my PC gaming and a handheld.
I am so far satisfied with this piece of hardware; I have no idea of how it will face up in my opinion with Vita, because the price of software is very important for me, along with the quality of the exclusives. The price of the Vita memory cards is ridiculous, but not knowing what they cost to manufacture I can’t say more than that. I will wait and see; I heard that Pushmo is THE killer downloadable app for the 3DS, so it’s next on my list to try out. Keep in touch…

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