Skyrim: taking an arrow to the knee

It’s official and everyone knows it, Bethesda has delivered a PHENOMENAL arrow to almost every other RPG making company’s knees out there this year. The amount of creative thinking gone into this game is rather awesome and it is never ever enough to keep repeating it.
What I most wanted to get into actually is “creative writing”. There is some fine writing in all the quests and the books found in-game, but most of all, with the way each gamer plays, the choices we each make, there could be room for each and every one of us to write a story. Just like many writers have built upon the Star Wars universe amounting to so many novels scattered in a chronology all to the joy of us readers and for the profit of Lucas and Co. the Elder Scrolls saga could actually milk its cow the same way, allowing the most creative of us to express our adventures to the public all the while building upon the mythos and making some money for both sides.
Seriously, chatting with a good friend of mine who chose to be a werewolf, is a blast! Comparing our approaches, our difficulties, the perks we choose….the diversity is immense! The stories told by the quests remain much the same with the final choices limited, then again “it’s the journey that counts” :
“In the end, it’s not how long we lived, but how fully we lived.”
what we live and see through our characters’ eyes from the beginning of each quest, makes the whole difference, make the whole EXPERIENCE. And it shows in the design choices of the devs, not giving any XP as the reward to a quest like other games or limiting the amount of gold reward (not to exaggerate) quickly makes a player deduct that the meat of what you can get out of a quest is within said quest itself! Get it now!!!

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