New Book Published!

Time flew amazingly fast for me and before I knew it August moved in!

It has been an interesting time. A friend had been writing for quite a while but never got to the point of actually getting stories out there effectively, apart from episodic shares of one of them on Facebook. After some work together, editing, revising, beautifying, we finally got her published on the Amazon Kindle store!!!

French is our main language, consequently, it is the French edition of the book which is now available in Kindle format. A translated English version is in the works and should be ready soon if we can keep steam after all the current word count is at over 120K!


Irrévocablement liés… (French Edition)is a story of maternal love, intrigue, superstition anchored in the realities of the Haitian society. Click on the image above to go try it out and leave a review! There are more stories to come, this will encourage us more to share the many tales that live in our minds, and of course, show my friend Val that she really need to get those other books out there for all to read!!


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