Freedom of being…

Invisible is not lonesome, nor depressive.

Not unwanted, simply Invisible

Verily to not be there. Or rather, there but unperceived.

Isn’t Perception what defines personal Reality?

Some forget presence does not imply visible: the wind, love, hate, power

It is the worst thing to be so ignored that we are inexistent.

But it is the best thing.

Life is duality, a dilemma.

Echoing the complex nature of existence: invisible and there; hated and love but ultimately…..Free.

Freedom of being


3 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. I enjoyed this read, thank you for sharing. It did make me think. . . If you are so invisible you are free, then are you actually free without the acknowledgement of freedom? If there is not one to oppose your freedom is it freedom, or just your existence?


    1. Thanks for your input!!
      I’d consider that at some point, you are there to acknowledge your own freedom. And you can only truly experience it if you have known the reverse. It’s also existence right? If being (existing) encompasses all possibilities, then freedom without opposition or acknoledgement maybe the purest form. Even in a cage where none remember you are there and you do not even recognize being a prisoner…you can be free.


      1. I would not want to be free if it meant free in a cage, but then I’m thinking about freedom from the point of view of someone perceiving it. Which is not exactly he case here. Thank you for the reply. I look forward to reading more!


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