1up migration post VI: "Holding it tight"

October 21st, 2006 8:20 AM

This is just to say that I’ve finally decided to invest in a recent handheld and that is the DS. Why? Because a lot of friends have a PSP so I can easily borrow one to play my games on, all I need is a mem stick. But I only know 2 other guys in my area with a DS and only one is really a friend of mine. Do the math. The other reason is ’cause I like the innovations in most DS games, and having a PS2 a lot of PSP games just remind me of their console counterparts. There is some nice stuff like LocoRoco and Daxter, but in my eyes, they are not legion. Well, it’s just a personal opinion and I’m sure not many will share it. I wanted to buy the coral pink DS Lite just to be sure that none else around here has the same color as mine, but I figured “Too gay, if I were that’d be fine but since I’m not, let’s not give out the wrong signals.” I bought it with Contact, I’m won over by the idea of playing myself, the gamer holding the DS, I’m sure a lot of you brainiacs thought about the idea too, but thank God someone at least had the courage to put it to the test. That being said… 
Au revoir les amis.”

To this day, I still think Nintendo has the best to offer in handhelds. the PSVita is nice and has some very good offerings, but it has yet to beat the DS and 3DS in terms of innovation and the great memories they created…TWEWY anyone? I’m looking forward to how Sony intends on turning things around (for me), but honestly, in that theater of the console war, they are and should just stick to the fans they have.

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