A Boy’s Journey for Love

Up 20 miles of winding road,

A boy traveled with a heavy load.

His heart was set on just one thing,

To see the girl who made his heart sing.

The journey up was long and tough,

But he knew it would be worth enough.

For at the top, he’d finally see

The girl who held his destiny.

With each step, his heart beat fast,

Anticipating the moment at last.

And when he saw her standing there,

He knew that love was in the air.

Their eyes met, and time stood still,

As they moved in for a kiss to fulfill

The longing that had brought him here,

And erased all doubt and fear.

But as they parted, reality hit hard,

For he knew he had to journey back afar.

Downhill he went with a lighter heart,

Filled with memories that would never depart.

Though the journey back was easier still,

His mind was racing with thoughts until

He reached home safe and sound,

With love so true, forever bound.