Quick update

Enjoying Breaking Bad on the tab. Much better sound than the first version.
I may just keep this one…

Third Nexus tablet

Today I received the third Nexus tablet ever. The two previous very rapidly found happy owners during the past year. It so happens that every time I purchase a tablet for myself, I always find someone to like it so much that I just HAVE to sell it.
I’ll be honest, it’s not just about tabs, most of the stuff I get, I will sell, soon, because that is my joy, buying and reselling. Even one penny of benefit is a penny I did not have. It may seem like an exaggerated minimum but it’s not. I have made single penny benefits before because I don’t care about how much I make, but about how much stuff I can move around.
So now, I have in my hands a freshly unboxed 2013 Nexus 7. I fell head over heels for the previous iteration when I got it last year (though that did not stop me from selling it), and I hope that this new improved version will make it hard enough for me to part with it.
Personal opinion on the device to come soon……


Here it is then after so many damn years I come back to this. It all mostly happened ’cause I copied my browser cache over to this new computer and “surprise!” my password for this site is still in it lol.

Hello, world. Again. I’m not in Kans…oops Cerca-La-Source 😉 anymore. Obviously, a lot of time has passed, I move around a little bit. I always wish I could stay where I felt the most comfortable but life is certainly not about what we want. I wish I could be elsewhere, but here I am and for how long? That remains to be seen.
I’m glad to be back, and this time…..let’s hope it’s for a bit longer than last……..