Separated born,

Lonely we journey and yet,

Unseen bonds unite

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Wandering thoughts

Most posts can be rather short. Quite a few times, writers seem to have more strength than the rest of us to produce longwinded entries. Often I end up skipping over the longer ones. And occasionally, one can be so compelling as to grip for pages on. Even stories that do not usually interest me can suck me when written with so much heart.

I come to wonder at times, what is my expression? What am I trying to tell the world and how am I doing it? On certain days, on certain occasions, I can sit and tell entire stories in my head. Stuff that could truly take the whole day to tell. But it’s all in my head, and a few hours later I will forget most of the details from before. Funny thing is if I sit down and try to pour it all out onto paper or otherwise…it simply flies away like wisps of smoke! My story ends prematurely just by trying to give birth to it. It is about time someone invented the mindreading typewriter! Just sync it, forget it and think away. Then every evening would be the work of parsing through the clutter and keeping the stories that matter. Although, every thought I have will matter to me, right?

I remember that time when I first found someone willing to hear my voice. All my stories were now theirs and it felt good. Together we filled notebooks upon notebooks, telling each other the most flabbergasting stories real and imagined. Or maybe the most real imaginings we could conjure up. “Reality is often counter-intuitive“. By retelling each other stories of moments we experienced together, we felt we came closer to understanding those events and maybe even our own realities (i.e. perceptions). Diving back into remnants of those past writings, I was surprised by the difference in how I saw my world. It was also rather amazing to realize how intricate we were in our descriptions.

I have digressed farther than originally intended. I started with an idea. And on the way, I’ve lost that thread of thought.  Subjects related to perception and reality often bring anime/manga to mind, for me. Many convoluted stories in anime deal with such themes in their own manner. Steins GateSerial Experiments Lain, and even Sword Art Online are those I can think of the most in this case. This last one showcases unquestionably how gaming also delves into such a theme. Just look at the opening cutscene of any Bayonetta, not only those first words of each entry in the series so far but also the very concept within of the split nature of existence itself brings you towards the idea of reality and perception. For reasons I can’t quite describe, I feel like not including any movies here, except maybe one’s related to Virtual Reality like Ready Player One or The Matrix, or better yet: The Last Action Hero!

Beyond the simple-ish philosophical questions of the mind and it’s experience of the being, another albeit more “hard” science that deals with this kind of theme is quantum physics. For the uninitiated, the obscure [themes, topics, centers of study] of this field appear even more esoteric due to the peculiar fact that it is in a true, though untrue, way a study of perception and reality. At various levels, the macro reality we witness is a congealed form of the fluid microstructures composing it. Said micro backbone of our realities are in flux and take shape as we witness them. In that case, to what point do we influence what we see and thus what becomes real?



Tranzisyon, pasaj, osinon papòt kay…Non an se yon senbòl li ye.  Nan tan lontan, ansyen yo te reprezantel ak yon imaj ki gen de tèt.  Youn ap gade pase epi lòt la ap gade avni. Lèw kanpe nan yon papòt kay, ou nan yon tranzisyon.  Sa vle di ou gen yon kote ou soti e ou gen yon kotew vle ale.  Tout kanpew kanpe a, ou poko chwazi si wap pase pòt la oubyen siw pap pasel, se sa menm ki rele tranzisyon an. E se lèw fin balanse pou konn kisa wap fè, se sa menm ki pral fèw avanse.

Nan lavi, gen yon kote kanmenm wap rive e sa konn rive kew ateri sou plizyè plato.  Se yon moman kote tout bagay poze, ou gen kontròl tout zafèw e lavi a ap kontinye.  Kew vlel, kew pa vlel, pi devan wap rive nan yon kafou.  Gen yon pasaj tankou yon papòt  ki pral mandew èske wi ou non ou vle franchil.  Sa ka rivew jwenn plizyè papòt konsa ki konn kanpe ap tan ou.  Ki va desizyonw lè sa a?


Chanjman pa janm fasil, kit se pou yon bon bagay osinon yon move bagay.  Chak bagay gen bon ak move kote yo.  E se sa ki bay lavi a sans li menm.  Dèfwa li konn anmèdan, men se yon bon fason pou aprann e se konsa wap vin gen eksperyans. Konsa, lèw rive devan yon kafou 4 chimen, wap pozew pou konn kisa pou fè.  Men sonje, tren lavi a pap kanpe.  Kit ou chwazi, kit ou pa chwazi, tren an ap kontinye rout li.

Menm siw ta febli nan moman kote bagay yo rèd, e sa konn rive kote yon chwa konn pi rèd pou fè pase yon lòt, se yon chwa li ye tou.  Ret kanpe pa regle anyen, se yon chwa. E sa enpòtan pou nou pa janm bliye sa.  Pou defann tè nou, sa ka rive nou di “a! M pap fè anyen!” Se vrew pa regle anyen, men sonje sa, se yon chwa li ye tou.

Nan fizik kantik, save yo renmen di e yo renmen admèt ke chwazi obsève yon fenomèn sanw pa ni di ni fè anyen, li chanje fenomèn lan kareman.  Epi chak segond kap pase nan lavi nou, e menm lanmò nou kote nou ka di ke kò vin plis pa ka regle anyen ankò, tout se rezilta ki fèt.  E sa gen yon konsekans sou tout bagay.  Egzistans, se pase de pòt an pòt, trase pwòp chimenw, afronte tout vye baryè, monte miray paw, kite yon bon legzanp, epi viv.



Is there a diplomacy of truth?

Never mistake authentic for truthful.

I know quite a few authentic assholes, authentic liars, authentic snobs and slaves.

Authentically true to themselves and to others: “This is who I am”.

So say we all to the world: I lie, I cheat, I love and I conquer.

I am the one and only.



Lust is inescapable, but it does not define us. There are those who make themselves slaves of their heat. Their brains appear connected to their genitals which may be the true leader of that person’s motives. Nevertheless, it is inescapable. Is it strength to affirm and live your lustfulness in the most decadent way, weakness to fight against it and thus seem to fight against your own nature? Or is it strength to remain steadfast, to believe enough in your convictions, to walk the martyr’s path?

This week I have often wondered what it meant to be a true martyr. Contemporarily, a martyr requires an audience. Self-serving, virtuous groups such as chastity groups are an example of such. They sport “paraphernalia” identifying them as chaste or whatnot. Under the cover of being able to promote the virtue, I argue that it serves mainly to promote their “own” virtue. Many true historical Martyrs, had no idea they would become such. For whatever selfish or selfless reasons, they fought (metaphorically and/or truly) for their causes and ideals….to death. The assumption that a martyr had no fear of death is false. Truer it is to posit that they simply had principles or beliefs aligned with the concept of good that they will die for to uphold.  In a multilateral war, each side has their martyrs, their beliefs. Was there ever a side that felt that theirs was the truly evil one? It’s all a matter of perspective. But “goodness”, in utmost, unapologetic, purest form, is absolute. Far beyond the discussion of what a relative martyr is, the true martyr defends universal principles, as the good Doctor’s wife says: “…without hope, without witness, without reward.


"Virtue is only virtue in extremis"

River Song

Eternal Stranger

pexels-photo-209037To some extent, many people have never lived out of the particular aspect of teenage angst whereby one feels foreign to everything and everyone.

Bodies changing, hormonal awakenings and all that…we’ve been through it, but have we come out of it?

When your mind thinks in a language and your peers’ in another, when your tongue craves tastes that others may shy away from and your ears ring with the echo of songs of the world that are unaccepted in your world…what does that make you?

In your being, foreign; by birth, foreign; who are you really?

Teens grow out of it.

Most learn to live with it

But too many die as it…




Freedom of being…

Invisible is not lonesome, nor depressive.

Not unwanted, simply Invisible

Verily to not be there. Or rather, there but unperceived.

Isn’t Perception what defines personal Reality?

Some forget presence does not imply visible: the wind, love, hate, power

It is the worst thing to be so ignored that we are inexistent.

But it is the best thing.

Life is duality, a dilemma.

Echoing the complex nature of existence: invisible and there; hated and love but ultimately…..Free.

Freedom of being

Boss Fight Books: Kingdom Hearts II

Alexa Ray Corriea, the author of the 16th Boss Fight Books entry, has long worked in this industry, most notably as an editor at Gamespot, and currently at FANDOM. This entry in the series is focused on Kingdom Hearts II, part of one of the most unlikely and confusing crossover story in gaming. As the author so points out, it’s rather hard to have imagined that a fusion of Disney and Square-Enix could actually result in anything good. And yet, they pulled it off expertly, both in terms of gameplay and narrative.

As a reminder of how many of the books work: they are almost always a mix of the author’s experience of the game, input from the creators or members of the developing team and often a slow recap of the narrative or game progression. Some readers have complained about this last element, mostly because they went in without knowledge of it being part of how Boss Fight Books are structured.

I never actually got to play Kingdom Hearts, the first, simply due to the fact that I did not have a PlayStation 2 console. I eventually did get one extremely late in its life cycle, secondhand. What spurred me to jump again on the console-owning bandwagon was another RPG: Persona 4 was announced and I wanted to be ready!

This is a little story for another time…..

Kingdom Hearts II wasn’t my first game in the series though. I played a lot on handhelds, and one of my favorite GBA entries was Chain of Memories. It did well to recap things for me, as well as give some preparation for the second opus. A friend of mine purchased KH2 as soon as it came out, didn’t like it as much as I hyped for it and let me play it first!!

Frankly, I did not care about the beginning being slow at all. All I could think of: this is freaking Kingdom Hearts II!!!!!!! A lot of people could have written this book and probably give off a similar feel to how the author experienced the journey. Personally, I could not have gone as in-depth as she did in her analysis of how gender is characterized. I won’t spoil by saying much, but Alexa Ray Corriea does a great job of noticing such things. I do not remember seeing it that way, maybe because I’m a guy?

Going through the sections of the book retracing Sora and Roxas’ journey, I noticed just how much I forgot. There are some worlds that I remember vividly, and the first few hours with Roxas are clear in my mind. But when she notices some parts, I was floored to find a huge abyss in my mind!

KH2, the book, goes through the motions of a good Boss Fight Book. Nevertheless, having some direct input from members of the development team or even the publisher helps us readers delve with more accuracy into their motivations and goals during the genesis of the game. PAst books have analyzed existing interviews and facts to speculate on such points. It was quite like interpreting the words of long-dead poets, how sure can one truly be that we think they meant is what they truly mean? I believe creator access sufficiently reduces doubt in this case.

Overall, this was an awesome book by a good author who reminded just how much I truly enjoyed this unlikely mashup of universes and genres. I highly recommend it and the game too! Any JRPG fan who hasn’t played it yet, if they exist, should definitely correct this grave misstep. You guys are missing out…